16 tips to increase the efficiency of your Instagram account

Basic rules:

1. Publish something regularly

2. Do not abuse Instagram activity and do not exceed posted limits.

3. Increase the reach - identify your targeted audience and subscribe to accounts that, in your opinion, match the criteria.

4. Reply to comments to your publications within 24 hours or less.

5. Comment and like the publications of your followers and those who you are following. People should not lose interest to your account.

Publication rules:

6. Always write description, never leave the field empty;

7. Write titles in CAPITAL LETTERS, divide large texts into several paragraphs (either with a space, dashes, or underscores) If you don't want to use capital letters in your title, it's ok, but you still need to have a title. Give a person a chance to make a decision whether to read further or not.

8. For a sale post, list the price for the item, and mention a way to place an order, for example: "if you would like to purchase this item please follow the link in the bio", and add a link to your Instagram profile, writing the name of your profile with symbol "@" to the left of it, for example, "@smartpromo.me". It will noticeably simplify the navigation, the person will get directly to your bio and likely click on the provided link.

Content advices:

9. Use different filters, good angles, light effects and other photography tricks. The main purpose is to get a person interested. Only half (or even less) will get to read the description under the picture. The more interesting the picture - the more people will read the description. It's that simple.

10. Use text on the picture to explain what the publication is about.

11. Shoot videos. First, short videos will diversify the feed of an Instagram user, and second, they would provide more information.

12. If you want to sell with Instagram, then there should be some kind of promo-content in your account - for example, pictures of the items you sell with description of specifications, advantages, prices, and other commercial attributes.

13. Take pictures of your items or take a video of them, to share with your followers, but remember: It's important not only to show the item or service, but also a situation or a process, when they are used in real life.

14. Educate! Users always have a lot of questions: how to take care of the item, how to wash the item, who will the item fit, how does the item work, and why is the item needed at all? Give your followers an idea about using your product. Maybe, they have not yet realized they really need it, so it's probably the right time to explain it to them!

15. Publish unique content, so users would feel special. Share pictures that could not be found on other social networks.

16. Make partner relationships with other brands, no matter what business you represent, small store or international holding.

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