4 most common mistakes

A lot of users ask the same question: Why does the promotion not start? I have registered and clicked on "add account", then had a cup of coffee, and when I came back 5 minutes later, I have not found 10000 new followers on my Instagram account.

Let's try to find out what went wrong.

4 most common mistakes people make when working with SmartPromo:

1. Adding an account that does not follow requirements

  • Instagram account should be older than a week
  • Instagram account should be public and have a profile description.
  • Must have profile picture in the account
  • Must have content - at least 10 publications.
  • Can't use multiple promotion services simultaneously.
  • Instagram account should be linked to a phone number, email, or Facebook account.

Important: Whenever you are filling out profile description, please put a link to your account in other social networks, or, if you own a commercial account, put your phone number, email, or a link to a website. Tell something about yourself anyway, at least so Instagram would not think you are a robot.

2. Promotion actions have not been chosen.

In order to start Instagram promotion, you have to figure out what actions you need to be performed by the automated system. There are multiple combinations of actions, for example:

  • Only "like"
  • Subscribe and "like"
  • Comment, "like", but do not subscribe?

Important: In order to avoid blocking, we hae several algorythms of promotion. Promotion for new accounts starts in a very slow pace. If activity level is too high for a new account - there is high risk of getting blocked. Please, be patient, you will see results in a week, we promise.

3. You have not chosen targeting options.

It's critical to set up targeting parameters. It's needed to find the audience, or people, whose accounts satisfy your criteria.

SmartPromo offers three types of targeting:

  • Targeting by geographic location
  • Targeting by hashtags
  • Targeting by accounts

At least one of those parameters has to be chosen before you can start promotion campaign.

4. Targeted audience filters have not been chosen

What's going to happen? Attack of the clones, rise of the machines, and all that.

After the targeting has been set up, it's important to filter targeted audience.

There are several filters that have following parameters:

  • Amount of users following
  • Amount of followers
  • Type of account (business or personal)
  • Existence of profile picture
  • Activity level
  • Amount of publications

Using those filters, you will avoid interacting with ghost users or robots.

Important: Our service attracts attention to your account. However, attracting attention and keeping attention are two different things. If you want to keep your followers interested - you need to constantly publish something new. Otherwise, people may think that you are a robot.

Still have questions? Please, contact our customer support team.

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