Additional settings

As you already know, there are three main types of settings in control panel: actions, targeting, and filters.

You can choose who and how will the system interact with on your behalf. But, we also have additional, extened settings, that make promotion even more effective.

Additional settings menu is located after the filter menu and looks like this:

What are the additional settings?

1. Mutual likes

Whenever a user likes your publication, our system in turn likes a publication of that user. Easy for us, and nice to the people.

2. Like friends' publications likes all new publications of your followers, ensuring their loyalty to you.

3. Mutual unsubscribing

We automatically unfollow those who unfollow you.

4. Auto-unsubscribe

When you reach the limit on following (7000 people), starts to unfollow users (in random order), because you will not be able to follow anyone else.

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