How to work with followers

1. Regardless of the amount of followers, you need to post Instagram content regularly.

2. Figure out the frequency of publication. Some brands publish content 2-3 times a day, and some - 2-3 times a week. It's important to understand what amount of content you have and how much time you have.

3. Find out what time is going to be the best for publishing. Every brand has its own specifics. You have to use analytics to determine the time when the publications get the largest amount of likes, or when do the followers use hashtags the most. Publish pictures at a different time of the day for a month or two and analyze at what time you get the most involvement.

4. Prove to your followers that you appreciate them: share/repost and publish their best pictures on social networks. But always remember that you need to ask for permission before sharing anything. Starbucks, which is one of the most successful brands on Instagram, uses this tactic very often, once in every several weeks, they dedicate a publication to one of their followers, sharing their art that represents one of the products of Starbucks.

5. Like and comment followers' pictures. Tell your audience about interesting accounts among them.

6. Mention users with "@". People like to get addressed personally.

7. Use mentions ("@") and tag celebrities. If your picture is somehow related to a celebrity, there is no reason to be concerned about mentioning them. Possibly, the picture will interest the celebrity very much, and they will repost it.

8. Ask people to write comments. If you want to get the maximum involvement, don't stay quiet. Questions bring up discussions. Ask what do your followers thing about recently posted picture or video.

9. Ask common questions, that would grab attention and motivate people to share their experiences. For example, if you are an owner of apparel store, you can ask what shoes would fit the jeans from your new collection better.

10. Create interactive publications, like "fill out the blank". For example, if your business is a corner market, publish a picture of a breakfast and write something like "I like to start my day with a bowl of ____________" in the description. People will discuss your product and post their opinions about it.

11. Another one original way to get the attention of Instagram users - ask them to make a creative description to a picture or a video. Be original and publish an unusual picture of one of your products. Create a "best description" contest and don't forget to have a special prize ready for the winner.

12. Use crowdsourcing: Ask the users to picture what role does your brand play in their lives. This will help to understand what your targeted audience is, and also will help to conduct future business development researches. But to get the crowd involved, you will have to start a picture contest.

13. Use geotagging - adding geographical data to your pictures. Add your location to the post and target at the local users this way.

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