What are the targeted audience filters

We are striving to get the promotion of your Instagram account the most effective. Besides targeting parameters, you can filter your targeted audience, and choose what accounts you want your system to interact with.

The purpose of filters is to narrow down the targeted audience, speed up the promotion process, and make it more effective. Using the filters allows to exclude accounts you are not going to need - bots, inactive, or commercial (business) accounts. We say that you are not going to need them because those users are probably not going to be interested in YOUR account. Targeted audience filters will help you to avoid wasting your time and resources on useless actions.

What kind of filters are out there??

1. Number of followers

What amount of followers should a targeted account have? The more followers - the better it is. Little amount of followers hints on a low activity level or low quality of content.

2. Number of people following by a targeted account.

How many people do you want your targeted account to follow? The less - the better. Large number of followers tells us that the account is possibly using a promotion service, and thus is possibly a business account or a robot.

3. Type of account

Who do you want to interact with? Only with personal accounts or business accounts? Personal account is an individual, live person, and business account is probably an account of some company that tries to represent itself on social networks.

4. Profile picture

Should a targeted user have a profile picture? Lack of profile picture usually means that the account is a bot or a technical account.

5. Activity level

How often do you want a targeted account to publish something on instagram?

  • High level of activity – 15-20 publications a month
  • Medium level of activity – 5-10 publications a month
  • Low level of activity – 1-5 publications a month

6. Total amount of media published

What minimal amount of media do you want a targeted account to have? If it does not have any publications at all - it isn't good, and the maximal amount of media depends on the age of an account. You should only look at minimal amount of media and specify that, for example, you want a targeted account to have at least 5 publications.

Targeted audience filtering is the next step after targeting settings. You can find out more about targeting settings here.

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