What kind of limits does Instagram have

Instagram Limits:

Following: Follow no more than 200 users per hour and 1000 per day

(Very important to take a 24 hour break after this follow marathon).

Unfollowing: No more than 1000 per day

(Important: Instagram considers following and unfollowing as the same action).

Likes: no more than 1000 per day with 24 hour break and no more than 150 likes per hour.


For new accounts (less than 30 days old) post no more than three publications at a time,

For older accounts (older than 30 days) post no more than 12 publications at a time, but we do not recommend publishing more than 9.

Comments: no more than 12-14 per hour with 6-7 minute break.

Exisiting SmartPromo algorhythms are adapted to these limits and do not exceed them.

It's important to note that those limits can be easily exceeded if the user "likes", comments, or follows other users simultaneously with SmartPromo. If the limits are exceeded, it can cause suspicions and possibly blocking of the account.

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