How to avoid getting your Instagram account blocked or deleted

Here are a few easy but important rules to keep your Instagram account safe and secure.

  1. Before you start to work with SmartPromo, make sure that your account is older than 7 days and that you have at least 5 publications.
  2. Do not post explicit or extremist content (You are personally responsible to abide by local and international laws)
  3. Do not use pictures or videos that belong to others and try to avoid using images of celebrities.
  4. It's not recommended to put external links in profile description, to start following absolutely everybody, and to "like" all the pictures you can see right after you create your new Instagram account.
  5. It's also not recommended to "like" publications and to follow other people using both your computer and your handheld device (smartphone, tablet, or both).
  6. It's absolutely not recommended to "help" SmartPromo to promote your Instagram. You can easily get banned/blocked due to exceeding the limit on actions.
  7. Do not follow and unfollow people too quick. You can follow and unfollow a maximum of 40 users per hour in total. (We recommend to read #6 again)
  8. Most important part is interesting content. More interesting content you post - less chances you will get into Instagram's "suspicious" lists.
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