How to register?

In order to start work with SmartPromo, you have to complete simple registration process.

How to add your Instagram account?

In order to start promotion, you need to add your Instagram account. It's very simple.

What are the actions?

Actions are SmartPromo's tools for the promotion of Instagram accounts

What is "like"

Like is the main moving force of promotion in almost every social network. When you "like", people give the most valuable thing on a social network they can give - their attention.

What is following and why is it important?

Massfollowing is one of the most effective instruments of Instagram promotion. Use automated promotion servces instead of doing everything manually. Get live followers attracting attention to your page!

Why are comments important?!

To get the audience interested and involved, it's not enough just to "like" and follow. You have to talk to interact with other users, using comments.

Why unfollowing is important

There are two reasons why you need to unfollow other Instagram users.



What is geolocation targeting?

Geographic targeting is a way to locate your targeted audience in the cities and coutries you need.

How to set up targeting based on accounts?

Account-based targeting is a way to locate potential target audience among the followers of specified Instagram accounts, for example, the accounts of your competitors.

How to set up hashtag-based targeting?

LeHashtag is a specific label used on social networks that makes it easier to find messages or post with a specific topic or content. Hashtag is a word or unspaced phrase with a hash character (#) in front of it. Hashtag-based targeting is a way to locate the target audience based on the hashtags they use in their publications.

What are the targeted audience filters

We are striving to get the promotion of your Instagram account the most effective. Besides targeting parameters, you can filter your targeted audience, and choose what accounts you want your system to interact with.