​Timezone settings

Our recommendation is to choose your local timezone. Your account’s timezone doesn’t affect invoices.

How to work with followers

You have to constantly "work" with followers to increase the efficiency of your account promotion.

16 tips to increase the efficiency of your Instagram account

Check those basic rules about your Instagram account.

What to put in your Instagram bio

There are four things about Instagram bios that are extremely important in case you are trying to get as much attention to your Instagram profile as possible.

What kind of limits does Instagram have

Instagram cares that the users follow the rules. Also, it's important for Instagram that the users feel comfortable and do not suffer from spam attacks and excessive advertising. Thus, there are limits on actions, and if those limits are exceeded, you are at the risk of getting your account blocked.

How to avoid getting your Instagram account blocked or deleted

First of all, you have to remember that Instagram has more trust for those, who verified their account.

4 most common mistakes

You registered, added an account, started promotion campaign, but it doesn't work. Or it started to work, but you got blocked. Or it doesn't work the way you expected. Things happen. Let's think, what may have went wrong.

What to do if your account got blocked!

Go to "Instagram help center" and leave a complaint regarding issues with your Instagram account.