What to do if your account got blocked!

How to unblock an Instagram account?

Reminder: do not abuse Instagram activity, it can get your account blocked!

What to do if your account got blocked?

First of all - do not panic. There is a solution to every situation. First of all, you should understand, that there are several types of blocking: temporary restriction on certain types of actions, temporary disabling , blocking, and deactivation.

Let's find out more about each type of blocking. In case, if there is a suspicion on excessive activity, a restricion on certain type of actions will be placed. For example, you will not be able to "like" or follow.

You just have to wait a little bit, and everything will be ok.

Temporary disable will require you to confirm your rights to an account via text message or an email.

Blocking is a bit more serious. You will need to contact the customer support, and mention:

  • Login
  • Password
  • E-Mail address that is linked to your Instagram account.
  • Actual e-mail address, if you do not have an access to the address linked to your account.
  • Supposed reason of suspicious activity on your account.

  • You will get a response with a code, that you will need to write on a piece of paper, take a picture of yourself with that piece of paper, and send it back to Instagram customer support. Your face should be clearly visible, and you also should have your first and last name written on that piece of paper along with your Instagram account name.

    Processing takes up to four days. Usually it's a lot quicker.

    In case if your account got hacked, and your password got changed, and you own a business account, you most likely will need to provide some kind of paperwork proving your ownership of the company.

    Sometimes it happens like this, though:

    In this case, nobody will be able to help you. Follow the rules and everything will be ok.

There is a service called "Instagram help center" and you can leave a complaint there. In the application on your mobile device, click "get help signing in:

Then, click "use username or email", click on the arrow in top right corner, and then choose "don't have access to any of these?". After that, you will need to fill out a form following form:

Click "Send" and in a few minutes you should receive following e-mails:

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