What is following and why is it important?

Following - one of the most important types of actions for promotion of an Instagram account. When you follow people, you attract their attention. Automated following - one of the main actions that SmartPromo makes on your behalf. Automated following is usually called Massfollowing (formed by two words "mass" + "following")

How does Massfollowing by SmartPromo.me work?

SmartPromo automaticall searches for Instagram users that match the criteria you have specified (those criteria can include country, city, hashtags, or maybe followers of a popular account) and follows them. This way your account gets subscribed to a targeted account.

When you start following someone, they get a notification in their feed. This way you attract attention to your account, which is important for successful promotion. A new follower means more to a person than a like or a comment, because a lot of people have signed up to Instagram to have followers. There is simply no point in creating an account that nobody is going to see. And if someone likes your Instagram account, they will follow you in return.

Users get notification about every like, comment, or new follower:

To get people to follow you, you have to follow them. In most of the cases you have to follow everyone, and then choose, who is interesting for you, and who is not. Of course, you can do it manually, free of charge, but how much time are you going to waste on that?

SmartPromo me Instagram bot:

  1. Allows to set specific targeting parameters for the audience you are going to follow
  2. Follows users that are interesting to you in automated mode, saving your time.

Remember that Instagram has limits: Follow no more than 200 people per hour and no more than 1000 people per day.

(Important: please have a 24-hour break after such a marathon).

You can find out more about Instagram limits HERE.

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