What is "like"

How does it work?

Users see notifications after every action on their account. You see that someone liked your publication and it shows interest to their account.

Using a smartphone:

Using a computer:

To promote an Instagram account it's extremely important. Everyone "loves with their eyes" here. But, what amount of time is needed to leave 200 likes? And what if you want to leave 500 or 1000 likes?

You need a lot of time. And in a lot of cases you simply do not have that time. Plus, it's important to remember Instagram limits. If you exceed those limits - you are under the risk of getting your account blocked.

SmartPromo.me knows for sure, how not to exceed the limit. It also likes not every single publication available, but only the targeted accounts. This way, you save a lot of time and improve the quality of contact, interacting only with your targeted audience.

Instagram following limit – 200/hour

You can find out limits on other actions HERE

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