What to put in your Instagram bio

What should be in my Instagram bio?

1. It's important to have profile picture. If you own a business account, it should be a company logo or recognizable picture, if it's personal account - the best way is to upload a picture of your face. The more open you are to the audience - the better it is for your account.

2. Next step is determining the advantages of interaction of potential customer/fan with you and put a list of those advantages in the bio, using corresponding emojis.

It has been determined that lists work the best.

3. If there is no link to a website in your bio, it will be better if you put the phone number or other means to contact you or your business. In a description to a sale post you can mention that the order can be placed via the phone number listed in the bio.

4. For security purpose link a phone number, email address, and/or other social network accounts to your Instagram account. More information you have in your profile - less the risk of getting blocked, and more chances of getting your account recovered.

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