Terms of use

    Please, read the Terms carefully
  1. Basic Provisions

    1. Using international service Smartpromo.me, as well as adding it to your account, you automatically confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms.

    2. If you do not agree with these Terms completely, please do not use our service.

    3. SmartPromo.me service is not related to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or any other Instagram third-party partners.

    4. The use of SmartPromo.me is your personal choice and your personal responsibility to comply with rules of Instagram, and the legislation of your residence country and applicable International Law.

    5. We are not responsible for any negative effects caused by the service

    6. We are not responsible if your account has been blocked, but we can give you an advice on minimizing such risks.

    7. We are not responsible for technical issues of Instagram.

    8. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service, but we strive to make our service the most efficient.

    9. We need your Instagram username and password to obtain all important information for Instagram API

    10. We do not store, transfer or in any way distribute your personal data. Access to your personal data is restricted for third parties.

    11. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel any part of our service or any of its components at any time without prior notice to the user.

    12. We reserve the right to unilaterally adjust the Terms

  2. Algorithms.

    1. We do not guarantee the expected amount of subscribers, likes, tags, or comments. We can only make predictions, the rest depends on the quality and actuality of the content in your Instagram account.

    2. We guarantee attraction of real/live users to your account, but we cannot protect you from spam and fake accounts. You will have to get rid of unwanted activity by yourself.

  3. Demo - the period and the choice of tariff

    1. Before you decide to purchase service, it's recommended to use SmartPromo in free trial mode

    2. You agree that with purchase of our services, you thoroughly understand and agree that you purchase the services for your personal use.

    3. Please, read the terms of certain service thoroughly. We cannot be responsible if certain service or its part has not been used during the paid period.

  4. Refund Policy.

    1. Refund policy for using our service is not provided

    2. Your balance is considered spent after the service plan is over.

    3. In case our service experiences technical issues that cause interruptions of promotion, we will reimburse you full time of the interruption.

    4. Count of service time starts from the moment of account registration confirmation. Active service time can be used in a way user prefers.

  5. Payments

    1. Online payment with a bank card

      1. Our service allows purchases online, and you can pay for our Service by using Visa or MasterCard bank cards.

      2. After choosing your tariff or account replenishment a secure window from CloudPayments will pop up, then you need to enter your credit/debit card information

      3. 3D Secure is used for additional user verification. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to its server for additional authentication.

      4. Information on the rules and methods of additional identification should be specified by the Bank that issued your debit/credit card.

    2. Payment over payment terminal

      1. Our service accepting payment over payment terminals from QIWI, Cyberplat and Kassa 24

      2. If you experience any problem after paying over payment terminal, please contact owner of the terminal for support. Customer support line is indicated on the receipt.

    3. Payment over Pay Pal

      1. Our service accepting payment over Pay Pal.

      2. If you experience any problem after paying over Pay Pal please contact customer support line for assistance.

  6. Security guarantee. Paying online with a bank card

    1. CloudPayments system protects and processes your bankcard information according to PCI DSS 3.0 security standard.

    2. The information to the payment system is sent encrypted with the use of SSL encryption technology.

    3. Further information processing is done through closed banking networks, which have the highest security measures in place.

    4. CloudPayments does not send or give your bankcard information to any third party.

    5. 3D Secure technology is used for additional user verification.

  7. Online payments safety

    1. The information you enter (name, address, phone number, email, credit card number) is confidential and is not subject to disclosure to any third party.

    2. Your credit card information is sent encrypted and is not stored on our Web-server.

    3. Bank guarantees the safety of all processed online payments.

    4. All operations done with the payment cards are done according to the requirements listed by VISA International, MasterCard, and other payment systems.

    5. Special technology is used to send the information to ensure security of online purchases, and the information is processed on a secure high-tech server of the processing company.